NEW THINGS (STBH Vol. 5, No. 1)


This is an exciting time for me. MANY things are new and exciting. Ill try to outline them for you.

First, this website is new. I had my only other website experience through the Dynamod company, but for as well as it served me, it was not without its problems. Amanda Trevino encouraged me to make the switch to WordPress and I love it for its cool themes, customizability and ease of use. I hope youll find it to be a worthy replacement as well.

Secondly, I have started a new Tumblr page. This is a place for mostly my “solo drum solo” project, but also quicker updates and thoughts. It links to my @StaebellMusic twitter (also kinda new?) which is dedicated to professional endeavors. You can still be my friend at @aaronstaebell if you want to read my statuses about the Buffalo Bills and the color of boxing commentators’ teeth. 

Musically, there are a lot of great things happening. I am excited to continue to work with Jen Bellor, composer extrordinaire, on new projects and ideas. We just finished a successful showcase as part of the Rochester Fringe Festival, which paired music for Bending and Breaking with choreography by local dance students as well as members of the Rochester City Ballet. Im still editing the video but it should be available soon.

We are also pretty close to the official launch of SCATTER PERCUSSION. This is a group thats been around for a while in one form, but we are looking to change its focus and goals. The group is made up of Eastman Percussion grads who live in various parts of the country. Our goal is to educate young percussionists through performance of original music. We all write for the group, and we all enjoy teaching, so this combination will hopefully come to a school near you very soon! (seriously, if youre interested, let me know). It consists of Ivan Trevino, Matt Raskopf, George Clements, Bobby Marino, Sean Connors, Mark Boseman and me. You can see some videos under “Projects” or “Compositions”. 

My final big piece of news is that Im very excited to launch this project that Im calling “solo drum solos”. My goal is to have a solo recital next fall, consisting half of improvised solos, and half of commissions from composers for ‘classical drum set’. This means drum solos that arent necessairly rooted in a jazz/rock/latin style, and are mainly notated. It is an area of the percussion repertoire that is very underdeveloped, so I hope to somewhat fill that void. We’ll see how it goes…

This website has pretty much been my main project since the end of the summer. Now that its up and running, Im working primarily on writing for Bending and Breaking, Normal People and Scatter. I hope to have some news about new gigs in the near future. A couple are already in the works, and I have some big plans that youll find out about once they are more solid. Have fun, look around, and STRIVE TO BE HAPPY.

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