soloDRUMsolo/Call for Scores

A while back, I asked people to write me drum solos. I am overwhelmed and thrilled by the amount of pieces I received! I will present 15 world premieres on September 21 and 22, which are drawn from the pool of submissions.

THANK YOU to all of the composers who sent me music. If your piece isnt being played next week, it doesnt mean its not getting played! I plan on doing many more solo drum solo concerts. For a variety of reasons (mainly time), I could not perform everything at this time.

The pieces I will be premiering at the Fringe Festival are listed below. Please check out the concerts, September 21 and 22 at 630pm at Bernunzio Uptown Music in Rochester, NY!

 Heat Stroke (Ivan Trevino)
 Clockwork (Drew Worden)
 Studio Uno (Luca Vanneschi)
 Prelude (Danny English)
 Fjord That (Maria Finkelmeier)
 Coalescence One (Daniel Adams)
 Split (Realm) (Wilfrido Terrazas)
 The Ansugo Studies (Alan Courtis)
 Instant Line (Rodrigo Baggio)
 Luogu (Brian Baxter)
 Harmonic Manuvers (Matt Curlee)
 Raijin (Whitney George)
 Counter-Esperanto (Zane Merritt)
 The Sounds of My Drums (Baljinder Sekhon)
 After Hours (Jennifer Bellor)

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